Unlucky little white horse

One night, the little white horse at the door of the lawn, ordered a circle of candles. Many of the candles on the ground, the stars are also a lot of heaven. The little white horse said, "Ah - how nice the weather is! Tomorrow I can go far and far away to play the grass.
The next day, little white horse head, excitedly set out. The sun in the sky is burning, and the sun is so dry and covered with sweat. Little white horse went to the river to drink water, while drinking, while said: "really bad luck! So hot days, sun dead me.
The river frogs saw, strange to ask: "the stars at night, hot weather during the day. Hot days, why do you wore the sun so far away?" Small white horse chagrin said: "really bad luck! Who knows today will be so heat!"
Another day in the morning, the glowing glowing to the sky. Little white horse happy to say: "beautiful morning! Today you can see the sunrise."
White horse go, go, just went to the foot of the mountain, "rushing Wow ... ..." underground rain from the ground. The white horse is drenched and sneezed: "A sneeze! A sneeze! What a hapless! How is it raining? Well, it's okay. Oh, it's not sunny today."
Monkey saw, and strange to ask: "Why do you look at the sunrise today? Chaoxiang Yinghong day, it will rain it!" Little white horse chagrin said: "really bad luck! Who knows today will rain ! "
And after a day, little white horse to get up early to see the weather. There is no dark clouds in the sky, and no glow, but the sun is surrounded by a circle. "Today, it is a good day, and I can finally go for a walk in the woods."
Little white horse leisurely walked to the woods. Suddenly, the wind blowing up, rolled up the sand, scratched the white horse head full of gray sand, who is a black, a white, like a small zebra. The sand is choking a little white horse and sneezing: "A sneeze! A sneeze! Really bad luck! Who knows today will blow such a big wind!
Small squirrel saw, strange to ask: "blowing winds, how do you also take a walk? The sun around that circle, is to tell you, to wind the wind!" Little White Horse carefully thought for a while: "After I Should be careful to see the day, deliberately think about it, and then come out to play myself.

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