The orangutan chemical plant

There is an orangutan called mud in the forest.
Recently, Mr. Muddy looked frowned all day, the magpie saw: "Mr. mud, how are you unhappy?"
"Oh, why do people have the money to spend, and my money on a flower finished?" Mud shook his head and said.
"Why do not you go to the job, rely on labor to earn more money, but spend time on worry about it?" Chats then asked.
"Is it enough for me to earn a job? Is it enough for me to buy a villa? Not enough.When I buy a car or go to a high-end hotel? Not enough. It's just enough for me to eat rice and see people Mr. Tom open mine The teacher to do the factory ... ... that is called to make money!
"They really make money?" Chatter a little do not believe.
What is the most profitable thing is to do the chemical plant - right! Why do not I do a chemical plant? "Mud slam Had to shoot his head and said, "I should have thought of it!" Said the head did not run back.
Mud work really deft, it took a week to build the factory, a week to buy machinery, a week to buy raw materials. Mud looked at his factory, think of a lot of money immediately into their own pockets, and it was happy to laugh up -
The next step is to start production. Mud looking for someone to help, at the factory door posted a notice of recruitment. Can be a few days later, a person did not come, the original who do not want to go to chemical plant work.
"Well! No one to help, I do the same!" Mud a pique, throwing their own open on the arm. Since then, the chimney of the chemical plant has been black smoke, drains out of the black water.
Although there are many animals to persuade mud to say muddy chemical plant black smoke, black water, and now the air here choking, the river of water becomes smelly, the birds also flew away, the fish was gone. But the mud can be regardless of that set, it felt that animals are jealous of their own.
Not two years, mud really made. It opened a car, lived on a small villa ... ...
I can not know how recently, mud always cough, it quickly came to the goat doctor there to see a doctor.
The goat doctor listened to the stethoscope and watched it in his throat, "Mr. Muba, your throat is inflamed, and is contaminated by contaminated air and water. If you go on, your throat is dangerous ""
"How could I smoke the air and drink the polluted water?"
"Mr. Mud is the smoke and sewage from your chemical plant that pollutes air and water."
"Ah? Is this, if the life can not hold, and I just earn more money, then what is the use of it?
Mud back to the factory, raised a sledgehammer said: "I want to personally put the source of the pollution to drop myself!
Cha Cha saw: "Mr. mud, why do not you turn the factory into a memorial? Let everyone remember forever that money can not be replaced by the cost of life."
"Okay, ok," the mud promised. Since then, the air in the forest is fresh, and the water is pure.

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