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Chicken ducks next door moved a very courteous beaver family.
One day, the beaver 's sister came.
She said to the mother of the feather duck: "Oh duck sister, thank you, really want to thank you!"
Duck mother inexplicable: "Why thank me? I did not do anything for your home good thing.
"Your house is roasting corn?"
"how do you know?"
"The flames of the two of us are interlinked, and the taste of your roasted corn is coming to my house, and it is so great that it is so good!"
"Did not expect that is the case." Duck mother laughed, "Beaver sister, you are specifically to thank you? No other things?
"No other thing," said the Beaver Sister, "smell the smell of people do not thank people, this is a good idea?
"Beaver girl, you are too kind."
The two of them both heard the feather and ducks.
Another day, chicken feathers smell the smell of fish soup in the kitchen.
He asked her mother: "noon to eat fish?"
"No," said the duck, "is the next door to the boiled fish, and we have two flues, and the fish soup is over."
"That 's the mother," said Chicken Duck, "we should go and thank you.
Duck mother made a daze: "There is this necessary?"
Chicken duck said: "smell the smell of people do not thank people, how can this nerve!"
Finished, chicken ducks went to the river rapper said "thank you", also praised his family's fish soup taste very fragrant, too good smell.
And after a few days.
Chicken duck bitterly asked mother: "What is this taste? Unpleasant dead!"
Duck mother said: "your father to cure, I gave him boil medicine, medicine smell really a bit unpleasant."
Chicken Duck thought: "Mom, this unpleasant taste of the child, will not be heard by the beaver family?
"It is entirely possible," said the mother, "because the flues of our two are interlinked.
"That 's the mother," said Chicken Duck, "we should go and say' sorry. '
Duck mother surprised: "have this necessary?"
Chicken duck said: "Let people smell very unpleasant taste do not say 'sorry', how is this nerve!

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