Mother crab to teach small crab walking

Mother crab gave birth to a lovely little crab. Crabs are very cute little crab, so the small crab education is very important, but also very strict.
One day, the crab is ready to go to the "crab shop" to buy things, then take a small crab to go. On the road, the mother crabs see the small crab walking look, feel very ugly. Say to the little crab, "Son, how hard you are walking, you can not walk sideways, and my mother will teach you how to walk straight."
Small crab replied: "Mom, I have been born so after the walk, I will not go straight.
"You try it, maybe you can try to walk straight." Mother crab said.
"Well," said the little crab, confidently, "I'll try it."
However, the small crabs straight to the front, a walk, the body can not help but turn back, blocking can not stop. The little crab is anxious to call the mother crab: "Mom, I can not walk straight, you come to show me some."
"Well, at the time of your mother 's demonstration, you have to look at it.
However, the same as the crab and small crabs, the body seems to be forced to turn back, mother crab test many times, are anxious out of sweat.
Crab said to the mother crab, "Mom, you will not walk straight."
Mother crab listened, shame to head down. I am sorry for the small crab: "Son, sorry, my mother wrong. Yes, when we educate others, they must first of their own strict requirements, when we learned, can go to educate others, and will be good Something to bring to others.

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