Kitten fishing

The weather is so good, cat sister and cat brother carrying fishing rod, carrying a small bucket, go fishing together.
Cat big sister and cat brother came to the river, hanging bait, thrown off the fishing line, seriously catch the fish to come.
At this time, a butterfly fly over, cat sister did not see the same, the cat brother has dropped the fishing rod to chase butterflies.
However, the butterfly flew away for a while, the cat did not catch up with the younger brother, had to come back to fishing, when the cat sisters caught a big fish.
After a while, a dragonfly flew over, the cat did not care, the cat brother threw a fishing rod to catch dragonflies.
However, the dragonfly also flew away, the cat brother and empty back, then, the cat sister and caught a big fish.
"Well, why can not I catch the fish?" Said the little brother.
Cat Sister said: "fishing is fishing, can not be half - hearted, you chase butterflies, while chasing dragonflies, how will catch fish?
Listening to the cat big sister, the cat brother ashamed to bow his head.
This time, the cat brother sat down and began to seriously fish. Dragonfly flew over, he ignored; butterflies fly over, he did not see.
Soon, the hook sank, the cat brother suddenly pull a fishing rod, haha, he caught a big fish.
Dark, cat big sister and cat brother carrying the big fish caught, happily go home. Cat brother also said to the cat sisters: "I know, and single - minded to catch big fish.
Butterflies flying, who went to catch butterflies? Dragonflies flying, who went to catch dragonflies? Naughty cat brother why not catch fish? Children, read the story you talk about, how can catch the fish?

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