Flying mice

There is a mouse, at dusk, often like to walk in the forest.
The green grass in the forest he could not see, the red flowers he could not see, clear the brook he could not see, he can see is jumping on the branches of the squirrel.
The squirrels greeted him: "Hey, love the little mouse!"
He will say hello to the squirrels: "Hey, love the little squirrel dance!"
When the large black bats dancing over the forest, he exclaimed with excitement: "Hey, fly mouse, how are you!"
However, no one bat to ignore him.
The mouse has a story of mothers who love storytelling, and mom often tells him the story of the squirrel life on the pine trees, the story of flying mice flying in the sky. The stories were wonderful, and the rats were so drunk.
Mother said: "A mouse, from an early age to have a great ideal. Can not do a flying mouse, at least have to do a tree life in the mouse!
The mouse secretly determined: "To do, do the best, do a flying mouse!"
The mouse began to train himself, he began to learn to take off. He jumped up and jumped, jumping and jumping, often practicing sweating.
Home rabbit feel very strange, and asked: "mouse, you are practicing high jump or long jump?"
The mouse was very angry and said: "slim, I was practicing Feifei Fei, you know?
Rabbit is not angry, grinning and said: "Oh oh oh, really great, my eyes are big, but not far away! Okay, you continue to fly!
The mouse continues to jump and jump, practice taking off.
There is an old goat very strange to ask: "child, why do you exercise in the evening body?
The mouse was a little angry, and he said, "I'm learning Feifei!
The goat shook his head and sighed away.
The rats jumped and jumped, jumped, and suddenly felt a little dizzy. When he finally jumped up and down, saw the little squirrel was smiling at him.
Squirrel said: "Hey hey hey, you want to do a flying mouse, right?"
The mouse said happily: "Yeah yeah, you're the most intelligent, you know my thoughts!"
The little squirrel says, "Do you need a pair of wings with a flying mouse, and there is no wings that can not fly in the sky!
The mouse said, "Can I borrow a pair of wings? Buy a pair of wings!"
"Every bird has only a pair of wings, they will not borrow you, nor will you sell it!"
"How can i do a flying mouse?" Said the mouse.
"Do not be fun," said the squirrel, "but since you want to fly once, I can find the bats to help. Hey, the black angels, you come and help me this good friend!
Hula, a large black bat fell on the side of the mouse. There are four bats, dangling the mouse's four claws to fly to the sky.
Whirring, the wind in the ears of the mouse roar.
Wrapping, the tree shakes at the foot of the mouse.
The mouse closed his eyes tightly, and he struggled and shouted, "Let me release me, let me go, I do not do the flying mouse!
Plump, the mouse fell from the air down.
When he woke up, he found the old goats and rabbits were on his side. The squirrel jumped from the tree and was surrounded by him.
The mouse said embarrassingly: "You guys have seen you?"
Everybody says, "What are you seeing?"
The mouse said, "I just ... I just fly, fly, fly, fall from the air!"
Everybody laughed. Everyone told him that he had been lying here.
The mouse also laughed, he wanted to do a mouse lying on the ground, is also good!
What action does the little mouse give you? What will you prepare for your dreams?

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