Coconut tree love

In the vast expanse of the sea, there is a beautiful island. There are many high coconut trees on the golden beaches, and the coconuts on the top of the tree are large and large, and the body of the coconut trees is tilted to the sea.
The seagull asked a coconut tree with a particularly tense body: "Do you feel particularly tired if your coconut grows so much and the heavy burden makes you leaning on your body?"
Coconut tree said: "tell the truth, so tilted the body, really tired. Can coconut is my child, as long as the thought of them to grow up quickly, no matter how tired I am willing to ah!
Suddenly, a coconut on the coconut tree fluttered into the raging sea, and the seagulls exclaimed and said to the coconut tree, "Well, your child is falling into the sea and he will be flooded dead! "
Coconut tree smiled and said quietly: "I deliberately put him into the sea, let him go with the sea to find their own place to take root, he has grown up.
Seagull said: "Let him take root in your side, grow into a tree is not better, why must let him drift to a foreign land?
Coconut tree said: "When the child is small, I carefully care for them, so that they grow up healthy; children mature, I will encourage them to go out alone to find suitable for the growth of the child is always attached to me without interest, the world Big, should be universal! "
Seagull said: "The sea environment dangerous to let the children themselves to break the world you feel a bit cruel?
Coconut tree said: "put the child into the sea, let him temper in the storm, let him make a living, I think this is not cruel to the child, but for his deepest love!

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