Bunny melon





Goat grandfather's meloni, melon vine on the end of a large skin watermelon.Bunny to help goat grandpa picking melon. Pick one after another, can be tired of the rabbit.Rest time, goat grandfather cut a big watermelon, rabbit "ah woo" bite, ha, really sweet ah!Watermelon finished. Bunny asked goat grandfather: "Do not Gua Yang?" Goat grandfather shook his head and said: "Do not, do not!"So, the rabbit to the goat grandpa's watermelon seedlings re-planted into their own land.Winnie passing by here, Bunny said: "Bear Big Brother, next Sunday, I ask you to eat big watermelon.Sunday to the bear came to the rabbit to eat watermelon.Bunny looked at the yellow melon seeds and said: "Last week I poured too little water, did not grow watermelon, the next Sunday will be able to do.And again a Sunday, the rabbit looked at the melon, and it was embarrassed to say to the bear: "Maybe my watermelon seed is resting on Sunday.Bunny is a good boy who loves labor, but it still does not know why they grow watermelon seedling grow watermelon, the children you know?

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1. The essay mainly speaks of a _______ thing. The hero is ________.

2. Bunny to the goat grandfather do not want to re-planted their own rice seedlings, he wanted to do?

3. Bunny do not know why their own kinds of watermelon seedling grow watermelon, you know? Tell him now!


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