Mid-Autumn Festival

The annual Lunar New Year on August 15, is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. This time is the middle of the fall of the year, so called Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Chinese lunar calendar, the year is divided into four seasons, quarterly and divided into Meng, Chung, quarter of three parts, so Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Zhongqiu. The moon of August 15 is more round and brighter than the other months of the full moon, so it is also called "Moonlight" and "August Festival". This night, people look up at the sky, such as jade, such as Lang Lang moon, will naturally look forward to family reunion. Far away in the countryside of the wanderer, but also to sustenance of their own homes and loved ones thoughts. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as "reunion festival".

Our people in ancient times there are "autumn twilight" custom. Overnight, that is, worship the moon. To the Zhou Dynasty, every Mid-Autumn Festival to be held in the cold and worship month. Set a large incense case, put on the moon cake, watermelon, apples, red dates, plums, grapes and other sacrifices, including moon cakes and watermelon is absolutely not less. Watermelon also cut into lotus. In the next month, the moon statue on the moon in that direction, red candle high, the whole family in turn worship the moon, and then by the housewife cut reunion moon cake. Cut the people in advance a good family how many people, at home, in the field, should be considered together, can not cut more can not cut, the size to the same.

According to legend, the ancient Qi ugly no salt, childhood pious worship, grow up, to the superior character into the palace, but not favored. A month in August fifteen months, the emperor in the moonlight to see her, that she was beautiful and beautiful, after she was a queen, Mid-Autumn Festival month from this. Month Chang'e, known for beauty, so girls worship the moon, is willing to "looks like Chang'e, face, such as Haoyue."

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