Fire Island legend

Fire island in the east of Taiwan Island in the East China Sea, tens of miles from Taitung. The origin of the fire island has such a legend:

Ali Hill lived under the Ali and Ali old couple. They have a son called a ditch. The couple on the son of the baby was terrible, really included in the mouth of the fear of, and holding in the hands of fear. The weather was cold, wrapped in cotton like a package of dumplings; the weather was hot, the couple took turns to play the fan to dawn. Son grew up, can speak, walk. The couple more love, "obediently, obediently" not leave the mouth. Son to eat what to play what, do everything possible to find him to eat, give him play, always afraid of his son beep Du Du mouth.

One day after dinner, the couple took his son for a walk outside the door. The moon came out across the top of the mountain. My son saw, and then pointed to the moon, said: "Dad, I want to play the moon, you pick up the top to me to play." This time the father can not know how well, he begged to say: "cliffs of the mountains, how Can climb up to pick the moon? "Son can not listen to these words, his body shook his two shaking on the ground crying. In the past, the son of a roll, the parents only do everything possible to meet his request, but now the request of the moon to his father stumped. My mother hurriedly pulled up his son, for him to take off the body of the mud, arms around his son said: "obediently, Mo rolling Mo cry, my father pick up the moon to you." She turned around and fiercely cursed Ali: "You, what to do Laozi Yeah, fast up the mountain to pick the moon to the alley to play!

Ali can not help but climb up the mountain, struggling to climb the rocks climb climbing climb, climbing sweat, climbing hands and feet to tremble. The son of the foot of the mountain is constantly urging: "fast fast, fast pick the moon to play with me!" Ali climbed to the steep cliff, foot on a piece of turquoise, even people with stones Gu Lulu roll down the foot, Hands and feet broken, flesh and blood like a pile of rotten pumpkin.

Ali Sister holding a ditch to see, her heart like a knife twist so pain, tears fluttering saliva flow down. Son of a ditch also dancing to cry, but he is not crying father's death, crying father did not pick the moon down: "meet, meet, moon, meet, my father did not pick me for the moon, lying here Sleep, meet Wu Wu ... ... "mother also down the son of the mind, pointing to Ali cursed:" You do not pick the moon down to play a ditch, you damn!

Buried Ali later, Ali Sao still spoiled his son, connivance of a few children. The son is getting bigger and harder. Ali Sao is also old, known as the Arab aunt. Her son developed to steal the cattle, and steal food, but also recruit a bunch of bad guys kidnapping, killing, arson. The people suffer, so the organization up to play gang ditch villain.

A ditch led a team of bad guys crossing the sea to occupy the South Liao Island, the island people all killed. But also often by boat to Taitung, marijuana, Dulan, kidnapping the people, looted the property, set fire to the village, made a day angry people resentment. We all have to blame Ali aunt: "You ah, spoil the child, connivize the child, now harm our people home to death, no security, you, you do not feel sad you guilty ah!" Later, the team actually grabbed the sweet guy Ali Aunt home, snatched her chicken, pigs and food, but also wounded Ali aunt. At this time, Ali aunt came to wake up.

So she and the people together to pray to heaven, asked Ma Zufu get rid of this disaster. The sky fell down a tall turkey, feet long, mouth hanging red glowing flesh, like a fire. It came to Ali aunt said: "Ali aunt, Ma Zuobao sent me down the fireball burned the bad guys on Nanliao Island, you agree? That there may be your son a ditch ah." Ali Aunt bitterly Said: "A ditch is not my son, burn it, burn it, burn that group of bad guys!

Turkey standing on the coast of the cliff on the coast of Taitung, patted wings, Ang head long sounding, open big mouth, rushing rushing, spit out a large group of red flame, a string to fly to Nanliao Island, fire in the South Liao Island on the Pilipala burning up, smoke soar, the flame sky.

Aunt aunt and the people shouting: "burn it, burn it, burn that a group of bad guys!" Turkey mouth fireball constantly sprayed over, burning Yeah, burning ah, Nan Laosi villains were burned Coke, even the stones are burning red. Ali aunt tears do not drop one, just repeatedly shouting: "burn it, burn it, burn well! Burn well!"

Later, people put the South Liao Island known as the fire island, only one town also known as Nanliao town.

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