Eat the gold mouse

Zhang Sanhe Li four is a neighbor.
One day, Zhang San said to Li four: "I want to go out to do business, you have to look at my family of gold." Li Shuang readily agreed.
After a few days, Zhang three back. "What is my gold?" Lee said, "your gold is eaten by the mouse." Zhang did not say anything, and turned away.
At night, Zhang three to the four of the horse stolen.
The next morning, Li said to Zhang: "My horse was stolen." Zhang said with a smile: "Last night, I saw an owl carrying a horse fly away.
"Do not how the owl can afford a horse?" Zhang said with a smile: "Can the mouse eat gold and the owl can not pack a horse?"
Li four listened, very shame.
The next day, Lee four gold back to Zhang San, Zhang also returned to the horse four.

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