Small tadpole looking for mother

The warm spring came. The ice in the pond melted. The frog mother slept a winter and woke up. She climbed out of the mud hole and thumped into the pond and gave birth to a lot of black round eggs on the grass.
Spring breeze blowing gently, the sun shines. The water in the pond is getting warmer. Frog mother eggs are slowly under the activities, into a group of long bones of the tars tadpole, they swim in the water, very happy.
One day, duck mother with her children to the pond to swim. Small tadpoles see the little ducks with her mother in the water to draw to think of his mother came. Little tadpole you ask me, I ask you, but no one knows.
"Where is our mother?"
They swam together with the duck mother, asked duck mother:
"Duck mother, duck mother, you saw our mother? Please tell us, our mother is what kind of it?
The duck mother replied, "See you, your mother has two big eyes on his head, and the mouth is wide and big, and you can find it yourself.
"Thank you, duck mother!" Little tadpole happily swim forward.
A big fish swim over. Small tadpoles see the head with two big eyes, mouth wide and big, they want to be a mother came, catch up to call her mother: "Mom!
The big fish smiled and said, "I am not your mother, I am the mother of the little fish, and your mother has four legs and goes to the front.
"Thank you! Fish mother!" Little tadpole swim forward again.
A big turtle swim over. Small tadpoles see the big turtle has four legs: heart to think, this is really the mother came, to catch up to shout: "Mom! Mom!
The big turtle smiled and said, "I am not your mother, I am the mother of a small tortoise, your mother 's belly is white and go to the front.
"Thank you! Tortoise mother!" Little tadpole and then swim forward.
A big white goose "Hang Hang" cried, swim over. Small tadpole to see the big white goose white belly, happy to think: this time can really find my mother. Chase up, repeatedly shouted: "Mom! Mom!"
Big white goose smiled and said: "I am not your mother, I am a goose's mother. Your mother wearing green clothes, singing brother to the 'each of the', you go to the front Find it. "
"Thank you! Goose mother!" Little tadpole and then swim forward.
Small tadpoles swim, swim, swim to the pond, saw a frog sitting on the lotus leaf on the "each of the" to sing, they quickly swim past, whispered to ask: "I ask you: you see our mother Her head has two big eyes, mouth wide and large, there are four legs, white belly, wearing green clothes, sing up the 'each of the' ......... "
Frog heard the "each" to laugh, she said, "Oh! Silly boy, I am your mother you ah"
The little tadpole listened and shook his tail together and said, "Strange! Strange! Why are we not the same as you?"
Frog mother smiled and said: "You are still small .A few days you will grow two hind legs to; a few days later, you will grow two front legs, four legs long Qi, off Green clothes, just like my mother, you can jump with the mother to the shore to catch insects eat.
The little tadpole heard, happy in the water turned up to somersault: "ah! We find the mother! We find the mother! Good mother, good mother, you come here to us! You come here! "
Frog mother thumped into the water, and her children tadpoles play together.

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