Little penguin and daddy


Everyone knows that the little penguin is hatched by the penguin father. In the ice and snow of the Antarctic, Penguin father stood. In the penguin father's white belly below, there is a soft fold zhé skin, folded back like a warm little house, which hides a small penguin doll.
Suddenly, the baby's little head was drilled from his father's white fold. He was happy to enjoy the world for the first time.
Little penguin took a deep breath of the cold but very fresh air, the small head turned around in a circle.
Ah, the beauty of the world!
"Oh, this day, how nice the sky!" Little penguin surprised to praise.
"It's blue day!" Dad told him.
"Oh, this place, the color of this place is really beautiful!" Little penguin shook with astonishment.
Shake "this is white ice and snow!" Dad told him.
"Is this world composed of blue days and white places?" Little penguin looked at his father with astonishment.
Dad told the baby: "from the bottom of my stomach to see the world, can only see the blue sky and white land, so you grow up, with the ice out of Chuang Chuang - you can see the green tree, Red flowers and seven colors of the rainbow, the world is very big, the world is very beautiful ... ... "
Shake penguins is one of the most lovely animals on earth, there are about 20 kinds of the world, all distributed in the southern hemisphere.
Shake penguins belong to birds, have the common characteristics of birds: feathers, sharp and prominent hard beak huì, claws and scales feet. But they are not developed wings, can not fly.
Shake the penguin's feet in the bottom of the body, on the land like a man standing upright with his feet to walk, because the body is obese, walking is very clumsy.
The penguins have web fins, wings also evolved into paddle shapes, and are the best swimmer in Antarctica. In the water, their feet are "engine", can dive into the water up to 565 meters deep, 22 minutes.

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