Cuckoo Chicken

Cuckoo chicken, Zai Zai duck, rice grain together in the grass to play with the word game, but, do not concentrate on the cuckoo chicken bouncing away."Come back, we have to learn the words next to the word," cried Zai Zai."Where is the insect, where is it? I seem to have found a bug, and I have to catch it!" Cuckoo replied angrily."Oh, you are mistaken, with the Chinese characters next to the word, not the insects on the grass Oh!" Rice grain explained."Oh, does the word next to the word is not related to the insect?" Cuckoo stopped the pace and turned and asked."Of course, come back to know these characters, and then go to catch insects are not late." Rice grain said. Cuckoo chicks jumped back and jumped and said, "I'm here, start!"Next, they sat together, rice rat asked, Cuckoo Chicken and Zai Zai respectively.What insects are practicing?What insects love before moving?What insects have power?What insects fall grass bastard jumping tap (bènɡ dɑ)?What insect field playing piano wearing black?What insects nostalgia flowers hide and seek?"I know a lot of insect words next to the Chinese characters, but also know the knowledge of many insects. Now I can go to catch insects, right?" Cuckoo chicken can not wait to say. "So what is it, brisk walking!" Zai Za duck finished holding the cuckoo chicken went to the front of a tree ran. "Wait for me!" Rice grain followed by chasing in the back.But when the cuckoo chicken jumped several times to catch a tree on the insects, which actually fly out of a beautiful butterfly, cuckoo chicken stupid, Zai Zai duck and rice rat happy laughing.Kids, do you know how the Cuckoo Chicken and Zai Zai Ducks answer the question of rice grain?

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