Confidence is gold


Once upon a time there was a pigeon.

The pigeons are white, only the head is gray. So, the other white pigeons call it "gray head". Although the gray and white pigeons have some differences, but they still become good friends (they will speak). Sometimes, the gray head is ashamed: it is different from other pigeons.

One day, the gray man living on the beach even said to his partner: "I think of the distant forest to play." God, from the sea to the forest is to fly two days and two nights! The companions listened and were taken aback, and said, "Do you really want to go?" But it was time to fly for two days and two nights! "" I've decided! " Partners do not have to say, have prepared food for it, and it farewell.

After two days and two nights of trek, gray head finally reached its dream of the forest.

"The trees are so beautiful! The green leaves are covered and lush." ​​The gray heads praised the beautiful forest, where they were flying and enjoying the beautiful scenery. However, did not last long - "snapped" to cry, an arrow has long been shot in the gray body. Gray head called out, but fortunately, it fell between the tree branches, did not fall to the ground, otherwise, not fall into the hunter's hand. Say that hunter, see the pigeons did not fall, very angry, had to go.

Gray head injury. It can only jump to the tree, limping to walk. For a long time, it saw a wooden house in the woods, which lived a grandfather. Grandpa saw a pigeon in front of a wound injury, it won it, into the house to cure it. Gray head very grateful to the good grandfather, said: "Thank you!" Grandpa was surprised, thinking: this pigeon even talk, and I chat with it! So, my grandfather chatted with the gray days: "Do you have a name?" "My name is gray, because I and other pigeons do not like the same, will feel ashamed." Grandpa said: "self-confidence is the most It 's important that you have a friend and you are a friend. "The gray is very grateful.

Such as gray head wound healing, and flew back to the beach. Since then, it is full of self-confidence, it is clear: self-confidence is gold.

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