There was a nest of birds in the bag of kangaroo

Bouncing is a kangaroo that runs quickly. One day, he ran too fast, one hit the roadside trees.

If he met is a common tree may not have a story behind, but he knocked down a tree with a nest of birds.

"I did not expect that the birds would live in such a low tree."

"As long as the tree, the birds will be able to live. Who hit our home, who would have to pay." Mr. bird pulled a kangaroo.

"Well, I'm going to find hay, mud, you wait." Finished, jumping ready to go.

"A family of four of us must have a safe place to avoid the wind and rain tonight." Mr. birds do not bounce away.

Jumped and said: "Well, you first hide in a cave, where I have hidden food, not a drop of rain.

"How can the cold place live and we have children?"

"You live in the tree hole, where I have hidden shellfish money, one is no less, very safe.

"No," the bird 's wife was more unhappy, "the trees were black and the children were afraid.

"That, that, how to do it?" Bounce did not expect to hit a tree will be so troublesome.

"We live in your bag on the line." Mr. Bird said it was birds.

Although the kangaroo bouncing one hundred do not want, but his bag or become a bird's nest.

This is a bouncing mobile bird nest. The kangaroo bouncing yesterday went to the cinema and bought a ticket. As a result, the bird had a white watch a movie.

But when the bounce into the cafeteria, the bear manager a hand and said: "Please sell five tickets." "Why?" Kangaroo bounce do not understand. "Because you still have four birds," replied the bear manager.

"But they just live in my bird here, they do not come to eat buffet." Bouncing to explain.

"I do not care, a head you have to buy a ticket." The bear manager insisted.

For their own stomach hungry, bouncing to buy five tickets, he said with distress: "If every meal is so expensive, I will soon be bankrupt." Bird a meal of a meal, do not mention how happy.

Two birds grow up, they began to learn to sing, when bouncing in the woods for a walk, the two birds began to sing, listen to the song walking, how wonderful thing is that, jumping intoxicated The. After a while, the bird mother began to sing the lullaby, the bird mother sang again and again, two birds is not sleep. Jumped up but fell asleep, playing ten yawn, "boom -" to cry, once again hit the tree.

"Well, this time there is no bird's nest in the tree." Bouncing was knocked and confused. Before he could get back, a group of wild bees rushed to him, bad! Jumping do not want to lose honeycomb, he escaped, wild bees who catch up. The birds in the bag kept shouting: "Bouncing up! Bouncing up!" Bouncing is no way to jump, jumped into a smelly pond, in the mud called a roll. This time, bounce into a clay kangaroo, whole body stinky.

The wild bee is not pursued, the bird can not stand, "we can temporarily stay in the tree hole to live a few days." Bird's wife said, "Remember, is temporary, we also come back." Bird said.

No bird who lived in a bag, how bungee is free! But he also felt a lot of deserted at once.

One day, he ran in the woods, suddenly thought: if you can hit a tree holding a bird, then what will happen to the story?

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