There are butterflies in the box

The elephant skin has a small box, and he often opens the box and says, "This box is my beloved baby.

Raccoon beep said: "strange! There are only some small things, why put it as a baby?"

Pippi said: "These little things are sent by a good friend, when they said to me, I also put them inside Oh! This is a small flower, the dog A Fu sent me, I remember he said : 'Pippi, thank you to teach me to play, you are the world's most patient coach.' This is a small colored stone, is the big feet duck to send me, I remember he said: 'You are the world's most generous Friend, 'this picture is a piggy girl, I remember he said:' Pippi, thank you and I play hide and seek, you are the world's most interesting elephant. 'I told them to say and send me The little gifts are hidden in this box, as long as I open the box, they will like a butterfly, flying around me, so I am very happy!

Beep heard Pippi, then immediately took home a box, he very seriously asked: "Pippi, you can also say a few words to me?"

Pippi picked up a leaf and gave it to him and said, "Beep, thank you for listening to my story, you are the best raccoon in the world.

"I also put your words in the box, and then I opened the box and saw the leaf, and if you remembered what you said, they would be like a butterfly alone." Flying around, I will be very happy!

Later, Pippi and toot often open the box together, they are happy to imagine, only one of the butterflies are flying!

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