Peacock’s tail

On Sunday, my mother went to the zoo with Yingying. They see the lion in the Lion Hill, the tiger's prestige, but also in the monkey mountain feel the monkey clever and lovely.

Mother in the cold store to buy two ice cream, then with Yingying to Ming birds Museum to go ... ...

Song birds in the birds can be more, there are parrots, mynah, and the Orioles, cuckoo ... ... the most attractive Yingying or peacock is open.

Yingying drilled into the crowd, concentrate on looking at. Suddenly, he turned to the front of my mother and asked, "Mom, beautiful peacock is my father or mother?"

"Of course, is the peacock father ... ..." "Why do you more than daddy dress?" Mom did not finish, was Yingying asked back.

This can be a mother stumped. She quickly took out the phone, the Internet access to some of the information on the peacock, and then told Yingying: "peacock open screen is to protect themselves in the peacock on the big tail screen, there are five colors Jin Cu line, which spread a lot of similar round The shape of the 'eye spot', this markings from inside to outside were purple, blue, brown, yellow, red and other colors. Once the enemy and had no time to escape, the peacock will suddenly open the screen, and then shake the tail, 'Rustle' sound, 'eye spots' also followed by tampering up, the enemy fear this 'multi - eye monster', also dare to rush into the.

"Oh, the original big tail can also scare the enemy!" Mom see Yingying hear very seriously, and said: "Peacock open screen or a courtesy performance .Af four months each year, peacock's reproductive season, the male Peacock often put the feathers on the tail high, enjoy the start, gorgeous eye-catching female peacock is based on the male peacock feathers to choose their own spouse ... ... "

Ying Ying patronize my mother talking about the tail of the peacock, and melted the ice cream made her full of hands are. Mom took out the paper towel, while helping Yingying hand, then said: "Peacock like a pair or small group living in tropical or subtropical jungle, mainly in southern Asia.

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