Little black rabbit beauty dream

Small black rabbit special beauty, but every time she saw the rabbit is very low self-esteem.

The little black rabbit is born with a pair of black eyes, a small black nose, plus a shiny black fur, looks cool. Can be a little black rabbit is not satisfied, every time in the mirror, always long sigh: "hey ... ... if I look like a small rabbit like it, he was a boy so long white (nèn) I am a little girl ye like to be so dark? God is not fair ah! You look at his red eyes, really charming!

This morning, a small black rabbit in the dressing mirror secretly painted mother's lipstick, suddenly initiation of a bold idea: beauty ah! I can do beauty surgery.

Small black rabbit was stunned by their own beauty ideas, although this dream will not be realized moment and a half. Little black rabbit heart clear, stubborn mom is not easy to agree. Besides, this large cost also need to find a solution.

But this does not affect the romantic dream of small black rabbits, small black rabbit to find paper and pen, facing the dressing mirror step by step to improve their beauty plan, "first of all to solve the problem of three petals, so they will not crow And then ridicule me. The second is to completely change the color of the eyes, do not imitate the white rabbit, the whole into a good blue gem, looks and Persian cat as glamorous and then the whole body color and ugly tail ... ... "

Small black rabbit has not finished, vanity mirror could not help but laughed loudly, "Oh Hey! You die you ah little black rabbit, according to your plan beauty, this pair of neither fish can look like? You can scare yourself. "

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