Hippo house

The hippo has a big and beautiful house.


The front of the house and the left and right sides, planted a lot of tall trees and colorful flowers: the back of the house, there is a beautiful garden, the garden has a large swimming pool.


Such a big house, hippo lived but not happy.


A group of birds flew to the hippo and said, "Do we want to make a nest in the tree around your house?


The hippo asked, "Can you bring me happiness?"


"This is not true." The birds said.


"I'm sorry," said the hippo, "I want to leave a bird that can bring happiness."


The birds flew away.


Live in the nearby long dog and big cat came to the hippo: "We want to swim in your swimming pool, can you?"


The hippo asked, "Can you bring me happiness?"


"I'm afraid not."


"I'm sorry," said the hippopotamus, "I want to leave the swimmer who can bring happiness."


Long dog and big cat are gone.


A wandering bear came hippopotamus: "your house really big, I want to borrow your room to live a night, can you?


The hippo asked, "Can you bring me happiness?"


"I'm afraid not."


"That 's sorry," said the hippo, "I want to leave someone who can bring happiness.


The wandering bear is gone.


Day after day, hippopotamus still live unhappy days. That day, he was completely desperate, "no people can bring me happy, then let everyone come to live it!


The hippo found the birds: "The trees around my house are still empty, and you do the nest!"


The hippo found a long dog and a happy cat: "Welcome to the swimming pool in my house!"


The hippo found the wandering bear: "I am also a few more rooms, you come to live!"


Everybody came and the house became lively.


Tree, the birds are singing.


Swimming pool, long ear dog and big eyes cat swimming in the game.


In the room, the wandering bears blow the harmonica.




Hippo for a while to come to the bottom of the tree to listen to the birds singing, while they came to the room to see the wave beak sound harmonica, while the pool came to the long side of the dog and big cat when the referee ... ... hippos own do not know, how happy all of a sudden The


------ Parents read the proposal ------


1 parents and children with memories of life happy things, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere of parent-child reading.


2 with the children to explore: Mr. Hippo has a big and beautiful house, he was happy? Why did not Mr. Hippo do not let small animals live in large and beautiful house? Later, Mr. Hippo how happy all of a sudden up Encourage your child to speak boldly and let the child know how to get more happiness.


3 can be produced with the child "happy me" record this. With the children together to record the joy of life, childhood training children happy personality.


4 use the weekend to invite a small partner to a guest at home, experience and peer contacts, share the joy of training children's ability to communicate.

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