Chubby pig has a bad habit, do things are procrastination, dawdle (mó mó cènɡ cènɡ). His mantra is "wait for a while."

After school in the afternoon, the students are concentrating on doing their homework. Little fat pig thought, not many operations, they are anxious what ah? Do it again later So he took out a big potato from his bag, rubbing the rubbish on the rubble, and there he was gnawing (gěn).

Hands and feet of small monkeys and small white rabbits have done a good job, running on the podium loudly shouting: "Come on, let 's play football on the playground!

Chubby pig heard that to play football, suddenly came the spirit. Chubby pig too like to play football, he casually bite half of the potatoes thrown on the desk, I thought, go to play for a while football, eat it later!

Chubby pig playing crazy in the football field, until the dark, only reluctantly to go home. Back home, he has long been exhausted exhausted, in the father and mother repeatedly urging (cuī cù), he hastily grilled a few mouthfuls of rice, a drill into the blanket snoring (hū lu) to The.

At midnight, chubby pig dream magpie teacher check homework, he was scared to wake up. Think about homework also did not write miles, he was anxious and angry, determined to "open the night car", but the book forgotten in the classroom, now is no longer anxious! Xiao fat pig thought, tomorrow morning must go to school early, for the class before the homework fill.

Chubby pig is very good, can wait for him to wake up, the day has been bright. He complained that her mother did not wake him up in advance.

Chubby pig can not attend the breakfast, and when he panting to the school, the magpie teacher has been standing on the podium, and his face is ugly. It turned out that the little fat pig to eat half of the potatoes on the desk, attracted a lot of ants.

Xiao fat pig thought: "drag and dawdle really harm people ah! Later a lesson is certainly not run!"

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